The sun is out, take care of your skin

May is Melanoma Awareness Month. It is also Lupus Awareness Month, and that of Hepatitis, Mental Health, Celiac, Stroke, Allergy, and even Motorcycle Safety. A designation of “Awareness Month” gives voice to survivors of their given affliction. It also opens communication for caregivers or those working to cure or prevent harm from said disease or trauma, or those who mourn a loved one who may have lost their battle.

the Impatient Patient: Day 577

All this talk about melanoma has almost made me feel badly about neglecting my other cancer baby: papillary thyroid cancer. 577 days ago, a few months into my melanoma diagnosis, I was diagnosed with a second "primary" cancer, a tumor on my thyroid gland.  It appeared on my CT scans for melanoma and I was instantly referred to the head of Head & Neck Surgery at Sunnybrook, in late September, 2014.  I had surgery to remove the tumor - and my thyroid gland as well as 2 of 4 parathyroid - in Dec 2015

the Impatient Patient: Skin

A couple of remarkable things happened today during my skin review visit to the Dermatologists' office.  1) I had a surprise "mole excision"  and 2)  I stole a very informative publication from the waiting room. In my routine skin examinations every three months, the Doctor uses her tiny light with a little magnifying glass to look at all of my pigmentation, surgical scar areas, funny-looking moles she keeps journal of, checks through my hair and all over head to toe, actually literally, I have

One Melanoma Patient’s Need for Community | Save Your Skin Foundation

I find it comforting to meet or speak with others surviving the melanoma maze. Visiting my cancer centre on a regular basis for all of my appointments and treatments, I sit quietly with my peers awaiting theirs, but I almost eagerly strike up conversation if someone even glances my way. I must startle some of these unknown strangers, likely appearing like some overzealous puppy jumping up to make friends, panting all over the place...